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SVG means Scalable Vector graphics, it a XML based, open-source vector graphics supported by various drawings programs like Inkscape, Corel Draw and Adobe Illustrator.

PhpSVG is a multipurpose library to create or edit SVG using Object Oriented PHP scripts. It's possible to edit a existent SVG document or create a new from scratch.

If you don't see the phpSVG logo you browsser don't have SVG view capabilities.

Pay attention:

This libs dependes on:

SimpleXmlElement Gzip support Imagemagick extension PHP-GD


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adding_elements.svg.php  - View source
bitmapImage.svg.php  - View source
findElements.php  - View source
gradient.svg.php  - View source
graph.php  - View source
inkscape_test.php  - View source
javascript.svg.php  - View source
merge.svg.php  - View source
replace.svg.php  - View source
simple.svg.php  - View source
transformation_request.svg.php  - View source
upload_and_convert.php  - View source
vectorize.php  - View source

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